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The WHDA is looking for reps for the U.S. and overseas. Please email your contact information along with your bio. Thank you.
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The WHDA and WIFCA will be overseen by the WHDA Board.
Please visit these sites for new mailing addresses and email addresses for submitting your member information and test submissions for rank advancement.

   A Premiere Martial Arts organization free to all members and schools.
This site will be going to a members only access site shortly. You will be able to re-register and create a username and password on a secure server. The main page will be available to view only.
We still need to update a few of the training centers information.
Attention all single members and school/training center affiliates. Please update your current information. We have several training centers that have moved and not updated their current addresses. This makes it difficult for the WHDA to give your information to prospective students. This means you may be loosing business..... Thank you for your help.

     Welcome to the World Hombu Dojo Association.  WHDA is a premiere martial arts organization formed in 2000 to give its members a non-political organization that will support and enhance the growth of martial art schools and practitioners of all styles through fellowship and outstanding benefits. The WHDA has affiliates worldwide and is growing every year.  The WHDA's founding members have taken a great amount of time over the last thirteen years to create and merge benefits for its members. WHDA member benefits are not just for show.  WHDA Directors take great pride to bring you all the necessary tools to help you reach all of your martial art and business goals.
          School and personal certificates are very affordable. WHDA is not a diploma mill. You may take advantage of one of our distant learning courses to further enhance your training and skills or to add a course of study to your school.
     You will find information on this site to register you the practitioner and or your school to become an affiliate member. Each member and or school affiliate is issued a member number. Each student of each school is issued a school number to co-inside with their school.  WHDA offers martial arts school marketing information packages and free website help to its members. WHDA is expecting explosive growth during the next few years. Please review this entire site to better help you understand who we are, and what we offer and can do for you and your organization.
We use the best reference material for testing on the market today. The reference material covered on the DVDs and in writing and are fully licensed to us for distribution. You receive your certificates from the WHDA or an affiliate and not neccassarily from the instructor(s)on the DVDs.

Please contact WHDA with any questions or comments.
 Mail to: Email us at  
Shinzu Sensei
Head Office
World Hombu Dojo Association  
Raleigh, NC
Monday-Friday 9:00am until 5:00pm EST