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Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do Distant Learning

Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do Distant Learning Courses. Buy one course get a second course at no addtional cost. You may pick from any course on this site or the site. Just email your choice with purchase.


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This Tae Kwon Do course covers all materials up to 2nd Degree Black Belt along with one step and three step training along with drills. The 3rd Degree Black Belt material is available now for a separate order. This distant learning course covers everything up to and including 2nd Degree Black Belt on DVDS along with a handbook for testing and reference. The rank will be issued from the "All Korean Martial Arts Association.

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Tang Soo Do Home Study Program

This Tang Soo Do home study course specializes on the traditional katas of the Korean system and is ideal for the individual practitioner. With this course, you will receive a 150-minute video that describes the basic techniques and applications used within each kata. The program is designed for the student to (generally) perform one kata per rank. There are 24 katas fully explained on this video, which permits advancement to the 9th Dan level.

Plus for the Holiday bonus, you get a second course of choice for FREE! just email your choice or we will include a certificate that is good any time.

Katas Demonstrated: This course covers up to and including test fees for 2nd Degree Black Belt. Additional test fees are required beyond 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Kee Cho Hyung IL Boo
Kee Cho Hyung EE Bo
Kee Cho Hyung SAM Bo
Kee Cho Hyung SA Bo
Kee Cho Hyung OH Bo
Pyung Ahn CHO Dan
Pyung Ahn EE Dan
Pyung Ahn SAM Dan
Pyung Ahn SA Dan
Pyung Ahn OH Dan
Bassai Dai
Naihanji CHO Dan
Naihanji EE Dan
Naihanji SAM Dan
Chil Sung IL Ro
Chil Sung EE Ro
Chil Sung SAM Ro
Sip Soo
Kong San Kun
Wang Shu
Sei Shan
Oh Ship Sa Bo
Lo Hi
To purchase the Tang Soo Do course for $189.95 Special introductory price click on the buy now button below.

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